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Approach & Style.

A portrait is defined as "a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person." While this is the basic meaning, I feel it goes much farther than that. To me, a successful portrait is one that offers us more information....a glimpse of who that person really is.

You've heard the saying you can't judge a book by it's cover". Well, the same holds true for a person's photographic image. The difference between a picture and a portrait is depth. A picture of a person shows a person's exterior, while a portrait of a person also shows a person's interior.

As a photographer and a parent, I of course have plenty of images of my children...most parents do.   Sure, we have our share of photos of them in outfits and easter dresses...but when I look around our home at the images displayed, the images that warm my heart and make me smile...the ones we chose to display...are those where I've managed to capture their true essence and their unique personalities. These are the images that speak to me. I know that 20 years from now when my children are grown, that I will be able to look at those photos and still see their true personalities shining through. Because I believe those personality traits will always be there. They may not come to the surface quite as easily, but they will surely be there.

That is what I am trying to connect with as an artist. But with adults, it's not so easy to reach that essence. We all have images to protect, inhibitions, and insecurities about our appearances. We can be guarded. I don't know anyone who loves everything about the way they look. Even the most beautiful people seem to find issues with themselves.
My goal is to make you look great, but also to tap into that inner beauty that is your essence. Simply put, retouching and enhancement cannot bring out a personality. It's something that has to be captured while it's exposed. And if I have any chance of exposing that element, I need to get to know who that person is by interacting with them on a personal level and listening to their story.    Every person has a story, and their life experiences are the pages of that story. As a photographer, I am a storyteller...and I would love the opportunity to tell your story.

All the best,