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The Good Word.

"Sam, The pictures are amazing. We have looked at them so much (and I just teared up, of course). Thank you thank you...we love them!!! There are so many beautiful ones to choose from, I don't know how we are going to do it. And the mural pictures were amazing...gave me chill bumps. I am so grateful to Matt for finding you. Your pictures were just perfect!!!" I shared your website with my parents and they were amazed at the pictures...they just cried and cried (tears of joy, of course).
Thanks so much! Michele
(and Matt too)

Hi Sam, Wow! The photos are truly amazing!!!!! We are absolutely thrilled :-) Our only problem now is picking our favorites - it's practically impossible!
Thanks so much - you're the BEST!
Joanne and Michael

"Thank you so, so much Sam!! The pictures are beautiful! We had goose bumps looking at them! It's going to be really tough to choose the prints! You're an amazing photographer and was able to capture all the great moments of this exceptional day. We just viewed them again and I can't remove the smile from my face! I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us.
Sophie &Remi

"Sam, Thank you for working so hard on making us such beautiful memories. We will treasure them forever. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and we truly could not have asked for better pictures. Everyone complimented us on our photos..they were absolutely perfect! Thank You again, you were wonderful and we will be sure to keep you in mind of future needs.
P.S. - We have recommended you to numerous people/couples!"
Genny &Rob

"Sam, I LOVE THE PICTURES!!! Even more beautiful than I imagined they could be. You really captured the "moments perfectly. I look at the pictures and tears come to my eyes and a smile is from ear to needless to say...I'm impressed! LOVE the mix of black and white and sepia and colored, etc. And just like I wished, it is in photojournalistic style. Again, thank you so very much for your artistic coverage of our wedding. I've been told (and I thought so myself but then again I'm biased!) that they are the most beautiful wedding pictures one's ever seen."

"Hi Sam!!! OMG! I love it!!!(slideshow) .I think I just laughed and cried 100 different ways; what a beautiful job you did!! Thank you sooo much!! take care, Lai"

"Hey Sam, Lai called me up @ work crying yesterday because she LOVED the slideshow so much. You've outdone yourself!!" Dan

"...we just looked at the photos and they are awesome!!! You are amazing!! I can't thank you enough. I didn't even realize you were around for most of those pictures. They were very moving to both of us! " thank you! Michelle

Hi Sam, I love the pictures! You really did an amazing job! It's funny, I was just looking at them with my parents and they were commenting about how they barely noticed you at the church (which is a good thing!). I love the mix of black and white and color also. I'm impressed with how you were able to get so many good candid shots, you could truly see what a wonderful time everyone is having....Ok, I'm going to go and watch the slideshow again! Thanks so much! Amanda :)

"Thank YOU so much for the gorgeous photos, they were definately worth the wait! It's amazing to look at our own wedding photos and see the events and faces that we may have otherwise missed in all the excitement of our day. You have done an excellent job preserving these memories, and we will have them to treasure forever. For this, we cannot thank you enough. We have had many of our guests comment on how they never saw you during the ceremony or at the reception, but our photos are proof...You were everywhere, capturing every detail of our day. I love each and every photo in our set. They were all beautiful. You were awesome to work with, and we appreciate the fact that you trekked all the way out to the middle of nowhere to be there for us. You rock!
Thanks again Sam, you made this bride a very, very happy girl." Jo

Sam, We are SOOO happy with the pictures and can't wait for the proofbook! Thank you for helping us make our day so memorable, you are the best!!!! Jaimie and Eric :)

"Hi Sam, I just wanted to tell you what an unbelievable photographer you are..
Totally exceeded my expectations..thank you so much.."

"Sam, Our wedding pictures are simply fantastic!! You were able to capture some truly special moments in an original, unique and artistic way. We are thrilled with our pictures and will recommend you to everyone. Thank you again."
Sandy &Kim

"Sam, You are the definition of unobtrusive and you truly have a special talent. You have a sensitivity to the moments that most people do not even notice."

"Great pictures I love them all!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for shooting our wedding. You really were great."

"WOW! We loved the slideshow! How thoughtful, you even knew our song. We love it!! You're the best! Thanks again for everything! All my family and friends keep saying what an awesome photographer we have!"

Hey what's up guru....great job on the slideshow...Lori and I just watched it again...we LOVE it!! You do great work man- Thanks again for creating a great story/memory for us..

"WOW!!! We love the pictures, you did an amazing job. We didn't realize how many you actually took. So, you can please process the proof book, we love all of the shots, so many!!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!"
Talk soon, Lori &Nate

"..After the wedding, everyone kept telling us how you were absolutely everywhere!... funny but we don't remember seeing you that much!"
Amy &Matt

"Sam, The photos from the wedding are absolutely perfect!! We can't thank you enough."
Amy &Scott

"...your photos capture those little moments that only a creative person finds, and frame them so they look beautiful. I love that your photos don't seem staged. I know with all weddings you have to get those formal family photos but the one's that really capture the day are the spontaneous ones. They really show the mood of the day. I love how you make the photos spontaneous and yet capture everything with a very artistic eye."

"Your style is so beautiful...and that is such an understatement. What I love most is your sensitivity to capture moments that people don't even know exist."

" truly have a real talent at capturing a moment with clarity..." R.E

"Sam, The photos came out fantastic, especially the portraits taken in the gardens. We have so many beautiful shots that we are going to have a heck of a time trying to choose which ones we want enlarged! Please feel free to use us as as a reference anytime."
Desiree &Joseph

"We truly feel like we made the right choice in asking you to capture our wedding. Our guests (including the many other people with cameras!) all commented on your friendly manner and unobtrusiveness. Thanks again!"
Katy and Scott

"Hi Sam!! I hope your holidays treated you well! I just want to applaud you once again on your brilliance. I recently checked your web site in hopes of some new photos and WOW! You are so talented! I was very excited to see some new ones and they came out fantastic! You must have been busy! I just wanted to say "Great Job!" once again and I am so thrilled you are going to capture our wedding! Keep in touch and take care!" Erin

AMAZING!!!! You are an extremely talented man!!! I was nervous about how they would come out since everyone else's were bad!! Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job! I know it was a tough day and it was tough to get good shots but you handled it wonderfully! Thanks again ~Kerri &Paul~

Hey Sam! As I said on the phone, the photos are amazing! Everyone who sees them comments on your talent and ability to capture the moment. Thank you again!

"Sam, I just wanted to let you know that I am referring you to all the soon to be brides I know! The grooms don't seem to care too much :-) Everyone really loves your work. Also, it is truly a pleasure to work with you."
regards, Scott

"Sam, I am an "aspiring" pro photographer. I've just completed my paperwork for my business license. I was just checking out other photograhers one night on the web and I was SO INSPIRED by your work. You are truly fabulous! I live in AZ and I'm already married, BUT if I lived in your area, and needed a wedding photographer--you would be it. We just had our annual photography convention here in Phoenix a few weeks ago and there was some great work there. Without intentional insult to their images, your's are far superior."
best, C.P.

Sam, "I am very taken with your amazing, beautiful, out-of this-world photo style. It truly lends another layer of beauty to an already beautiful occassion. Thank you so very much for all your help and consideration and thank you again for your amazing work."

I just want to THANK YOU again for our album-it definitely surpassed my highest expectations! Flipping through the pages brought Jay and I back to our day and back to all the moments we cherish. It was like re-living our wedding day. Thank you just doesn't say enough for the joy you brought us with our wedding album-it was certainly well worth the wait! And a huge thank you for trekking all the way out to our side of the state to deliver them! We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Hope you and your family enjoyed the lights-Have a very Merry Christmas-take this time to relax and enjoy your family-please keep in touch!
Take care!!! E

Sam, I just viewed the proofs...I LOVE THEM! I put in 357 favorites...and I probably could have done more! They are awesome, just perfect. How do I decide?? It's going to be tough that is for sure! You definitely have the eye! Thanks so much!" Allison

Hi Sam
You took some amazing shots that only you could have captured and I truly appreciate that. I also wanted you to know that we got many compliments on your style, everyone was impressed with your ability to be unobtrusive, yet always be there at the perfect moment. Brian and I are very thankful.

You really did do an amazing job at our wedding, I will never forget it. Thanks Sam, You really captured the moments of our day.. and our happiness.

I am so excited to see the rest of the images! We LOVED the ones that were on the website. You truly are a great photographer! Thank you again for everything!
Nikki &Chris

"thank you so much for all you have done for us and still continue to do....we LOVE your work and still boast about the beautiful pictures you took on our wedding day....Take care and talk to you soon!!!" Erin

They're awesome!! Love the ones in front of the g-tech building and on the balcony inside the Biltmore. How many do we get to pick for the album, etc.... I don't know how we're going to choose though because there are so many! Thank you so much, we're extremely pleased!! -Steph

"Sam, I just viewed the pictures.... they are awesome! You are the best and we will recommend you to everyone! Can't wait to get my album." - Lyn

"We LOVE the pictures! We've had so many friends and family rave about your work. Everytime I go through them I feel all the emotions of that day and evening. You captured it all! It was another whole experience for my father to see the pictures of the expressions on people's faces while he read his speech." -talk to ya soon, Heidi

Sam, The pictures are fantastic! Thank you so much. I love the one of the silver ball in the garden that is reflecting the house. is absolutely gorgeous...the candids are phenomenal as are the formals.
Thanks again, you really captured the feeling wonderfully" - Jen

Hey Sam! The pictures are amazing, thank you so much. " - Chris

Hey Sam!! How are you?!?! You must think we fell off the face of the earth! After we got home from the honeymoon, I was studying for weeks for my state boards and I'm finally done!! (and I passed!!) We LOVED our proofs! They came out AMAZING, you &Michele did a FANTASTIC job! Talk to you soon!" - Leila &Ken

"Hi sam, I'm sure you are very busy with all your weddings. I wanted to thank you for being apart of our wedding, you were so wonderful and it was such a pleasure to have you there. You were also so wonderful with my daughter brittany." -Jaimie

We are SOOO happy with the pictures and can't wait for the proofbook! Thank you for helping us make our day so memorable, you are the best!!!! Jaimie and Eric :)

"They are beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see them in print &to see the finished album. Great job, and thank-you so much! We'll talk to ya soon!" Susanne

"I shared your website with my parents and they were amazed at the pictures...they just cried and cried (tears of joy, of course). Thanks so much!"- Michele (and Matt too)