CT Senior Portrait photography

Let's Jam Senior Style!

What I love about shooting high school senior portraits is... there are no limits.

"No limits" means I'm not rushing to get through the session. I don't approach a session with "6 poses and 3 outfit changes" in mind. When we get images that rock..we're done.
"No limits" means I may ask you to climb a rusty fire escape, lay on the ground, jump off a wall, get in the water..who knows?
"No limits" means that all ideas are entertained. This is about creativity & personality.

Here's the dealio...We're gonna rock this town...rock it inside out. Anything but ordinary...you're an original. You have an image to project and protect....and it's not about posing you stiff & perfect. It's about who you are. Everyone has their own style and your senior portraits should reflect that individuality.

Yeah, I push the Urban Session for it's edge and contrast...but again...there are no limits. Want a little Urban and a little of country..no problem...that's what we call the "Keith Urban Session"! Get it? Wait for it..wait for it..you got it.
If you're a jock or jockette..bring your sports gear. Really dig your ride? Bring your wheels. Artsy and into theater or music...let's find a stage and jam or dance. The only limit is (y)our imagination. Let's talk about you and your vision...then let's rock it! I dig Senior Portrait Photography because I get to work with young, fun & creative minds!

Btw...Moms..yes, we still do the traditional boring headshots that the bigger companies do, but it's not our specialty or what gets my motor running. Besides, what fun is that? This is all about personal attention, vision, and a fun experience. The only thing that matters to me is that you get some rockin' images.

So the question is boys and girls..."what's your image?"